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Now is not the time to walk away: UNSC needs to renew and strengthen UNAMID

(23 June 2016) With the UNAMID mandate renewal under discussion at the UN Security Council, a new report released today by the International Refugee Rights Initiative provides an analysis of the joint United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) as seen by some of the civilians the force is mandated to protect.

The report, “'No one on the earth cares if we survive except God and sometimes UNAMID': The challenges of peacekeeping in Darfur, is the second of a three-part study on civilian perspectives on peacekeeping forces in Africa. The findings make it clear that when the UN security Council considers the upcoming renewal of the peacekeeping mandate of UNAMID in late June, not only is this not the time for the international community to walk away, it is, in fact, time for UNAMID to step up.

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Rights in Exile Newsletter
July 2016

In this issue:

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) urge government of Kenya to reconsider intended closure of refugee camps

Statement regarding Sahrawi women held in Tindouf refugee camp

Is a model refugee policy in Africa doomed? Influx from South Sudan pushes Uganda's progressive system to breaking point.

Has Kenya's brinkmanship over Dadaab worked? Kenya looks to UNHCR to help it solve its refugee dilemma

... and much more.

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IRRI and EHAHRDP Oral Statement on the Adoption of the UPR report on Somalia
Delivered by Kafia Omar

(24 June 2016) Thank you Mr President.

The East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project and the International Refugee Rights Initiative welcome steps taken by Somalia to strengthen the human rights framework since its last UPR, such as creating the Ministry of Women and Human Rights and ratifying the Convention on the Rights of the Child. However there are three critical areas that are urgent to address to ensure Somalia continues to strengthen its promotion and protection of human rights: the environment of human rights defenders and media workers; abuses committed against civilians by armed actors in the country, and the need for inclusive nationality laws.

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Civil Society Statement on Push Factors in Sudan and the Khartoum Process

(20 June 2016) On World Refugee Day, we, the undersigned individuals and civil society organisations, wish to draw attention to a number of the human rights violations serving as push factors for Sudan’s refugees and internally displaced. In light of the recent EU-Horn of Africa Migration Route Initiative (also known as the Khartoum Process) which has increased the EU’s cooperation with Sudan, we are deeply concerned that Sudan is being treated as a partner in addressing migration despite the fact the country is producing refugees itself and failing to respect international refugee law. It is critical that the EU does not, directly or indirectly, contribute to the violations or create more refugees.

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