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The Weekly Observer, Uganda
September 24

Country in catch-22 over Sudan human rights

Oped by Dismas Nkunda on the International Criminal Court's request for an arrest warrant for President Bashir and the position of African nations.

Read the full article here.

The Monitor, Journal of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court
Issue 36: May - October 2008

Letter by Dismas Nkunda on the absence of a cooperation agreement between the ICC and the African Union.

Read the letter (page 3) here.

The Inter-Relationship Between Violence, Displacement and the Transition to Stability in the Great Lakes Region

(May 7-9) Concept paper presented by Lucy Hovil at the Violence and Transition Project Roundtable in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Read the paper here.

In my Pajamas Show, US radio show
April 8

Listen to the broadcast here.