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Pambazuka News

Déirdre Clancy analyses refugee human rights, statelessness and the African commission.

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Forced Migration Review

Olivia Bueno and Jesse Bernstein discuss whether the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (IC/GL R) has created a new regional mechanism to promote peace, security and development in order to protect the rights of the displaced.

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Journal of Refugee Studies
20: 599 – 620, 2007

Article by Lucy Hovil entitled "Self Settled Refugees in Uganda: An Alternative Approach to Displacement?”

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International Journal of Transitional Justice
December 2007

Lucy Hovil and Moses C. Okello author an article "Confronting the Reality of Gender-based Violence in Northern Uganda."

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Refugee Law Project
May 2007

Lucy Hovil and Moses C. Okello co-author a working paper entitled "Partial Justice: Formal and Informal Mechanisms of Justice in Post-Conflict West Nile.”

Read the working paper here.

Refugee Rights: Ethics, Advocacy and Africa
David Hollenbach (ed), Georgetown University Press
April 2008

Lucy Hovil and Moses C. Okello co-author a chapter entitled “The right to freedom of movement for refugees in Uganda."

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