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Refugee Centre for Human Rights (Egypt)

The Refugee Centre for Human Rights is an independent program affiliated with the Centre for Human Development Programs. The Centre aims to promote social development and offers legal assistance to refugees and asylum seekers, the handicapped and street children. RCHR was formed in response to a perceived lack of capacity to monitor the situation of refugees in Egypt. The Centre provides legal aid to refugees in their interactions with UNHCR. RCHR assists asylum seekers in preparing their applications for asylum, accompanies them to interviews with UNHCR, and assists them in following up on their cases. In other cases, RCHR has assisted refugees who wish to resettle in third countries and who have been detained. RCHR is the only organization which advocates on behalf of asylum seekers with no legal residence permits.

RCHR also provides assistance to refugees in other legal matters. The Center has represented refugees facing criminal proceedings. It has assisted refugees in disputes with their employers. The Center has also done extensive research into the difficulties faced by refugees and asylum seekers in registering marriages and births, and works to help refugees overcome these obstacles. With the assistance of the Center many refugees and asylum seekers are able to formally register their marriages, and a victory won by the Centre in 2004 is helping refugee children born in Egypt to get birth certificates. The Centre also assists in educating refugees about their rights under Egyptian law, and helps to ensure that UNHCR is able to provide similar information.

RCHR also provides non-legal assistance to refugees, providing referrals to refugees in need of medical assistance and has been involved in offering educational programs to refugee children.


955 Cornish el Nile
Misr Elkadima
Phone: 20106497392
E-mail: rchr@link.net